Once Upon a Broken Heart

Mirror books are books that are similar to your life, say if you played soccer and the book you are reading is about a boy your age playing soccer. Then that would be a mirror book. A window book is a book that is nothing like yours. The main character in the book that I am reading is named Evangeline Fox, and she is trying to get the boy she has a crush on to marry her instead of her stepsister. She employs the help of a deity called the prince of broken hearts who is extremely dangerous. The book that I am reading right now is called Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber. This book takes you into a massive fantasy world of gods, monsters, villains, and heroes. This book is nothing like my life. On Earth we don’t have monsters or gods (there might be gods.) This book has humans and is based within medieval times. We live in the 21st century, so that is another difference. Because of this, this book is a window book to me.


My Backpack



Over the summer I read a book called Finding Someplace where it’s based on Hurricane Katrina. Reesie is a girl from the story Finding Someplace. She had the unfortunate luck to be stuck in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit her home. In a few minutes, she had to pack her most valued belongings and rush to escape. Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the United States. To be exact it was the third strongest with 1,800 deaths and billions of dollars in property damage. A hurricane just hit New Orleans and moved up the east coast a few months ago. It was called Hurricane Ida. Ida surfaced as a category FIVE hurricane but died down into a category four. This hurricane had significantly less deaths but still tons of property damage. Both Hurricanes were devastating and terrible.


I made a backpack and drew many things that you can fit if you were trapped in a Hurricane. This was a lot easier for us because we had multiple days and we weren’t in the middle of a hurricane. We had limited space in the backpack so we only needed the essentials and maybe some comforts. I couldn’t fit all the essentials in but I did my best. I added a hand crank lamp because I could definitely use it, and a hand crank flashlight for the same reason. Some cards when I’m bored. Also a radio and extra batteries if I need a rescue. a notebook if I’m bored and also a knife and water bottle. A filter if I ever need fresh water, apple. I need food, I’m human. Very important, I also would bring money and a Kindle for reading and lastly, an iPad and Iphone. I probably should bring a sleeping bag and blankets but this is what I would bring if I suddenly had to pack up.